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Raise funds in a smart way

Growth capital for scaling businesses

We are the first agile equity
platform in the world

Connect and find equity as an investor, business or accelerator. 
It is hassle free, no entry barriers & you have maximum flexibility.
We facilitate you, you make it happen.

Invest or get invested in businesses in an easy and flexible way.

Capital that grows
with you

Our equity capital product is a tailor-made solution to connect
founders & investors in all stages and of all sizes.

It’s easy, flexible, affordable & plug an play.

How it works


Step 1

Convert a % of your shares into Agile. In return, get share certificates with economic rights-only.

Step 2

When you need to raise money, just sell certificates. Choose a valuation method and decide how much money you need. This way you know how many Agile certificates you want to bring to market

Step 3

Start selling. Create a whitelist and put potential investors on it. Use the App to negotiate each sale and to transfer Agile certificates to the buyer who gets ownership after payment.

Equity doesn’t have
to be complicated

When you organise your equity in an agile way, there is no need to
have extensive & time consuming investment rounds. You can fund
or get funded any time you want & for every amount you want.
As an entrepreneur (investee) without giving up control
and as an investor with keeping full flexibility.

Scale your company
and get funded whenever
you need it

The smart funding solution for founders, investors & accelerators.


Your key to success

The smart funding solution for founders, investors & accelerators.
Fund companies on your terms.

For start-ups
and scale-ups

Easy to get

Stay in control

For investors

Flexibility in
in your assets

Low entry barriers

For accelerators

Clean captable

Build relations
in seed-stage


Other succes stories


The smart way to grow businesses

Agile Equity is more than just access to capital.
We are changing the game of traditional funding.
Getting or growing capital will never be a threshold anymore.

Agile Equity adds value because we re-invented funding for you and developed the most smart way to fund or get funded.
It’s financially just, it’s easy to understand and use and it is on demand. It is the new and smart way.
We safe you extensive costs, we provide you with the tools you need, we have all the knowledge you need, we have the platform
to find you investor or investee, we do the administration and arrange all financial flows. So you focus on running your business