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Agile Equity is a powerful solution to help you raise funds, retain talent, and stay in control

Connect and find equity as an investor, business or accelerator. 
It is hassle free, no entry barriers & you have maximum flexibility.
We facilitate you, you make it happen.

Invest or get invested in businesses in an easy and flexible way.

Bart seeks capital but doesn´t have time nor experience to raise it.
He prefers to stay in control of his company himself and doesn’t want outsiders to have a say.
He frequently meets potential investors but finds the whole process complicated and time consuming.
With Agile Equity Bart can:


  • Raise funds continuously from his community
  • Reward talent with easy and liquid co-ownership
  • Retain control and limit co-owner hassle as Agile Equity has no vote.
  • Reduce dilution as less money is raised at low valuations
  • Avoid unnecessary notary and other bureaucracy as well as legal bills.
  • Focus on business as less time is lost with investors

Fair and fast capital that scales your company

Built your
company with
100% control.


founders share
equity with